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We believe everyone deserves to talk to their loved one. Unfortunately, due to expensive calling rates at most facilities; many families find it too expensive to accept calls from their loved ones. That’s why Camelcomm exists! We love helping families like yours save up to 80% on each inmate call. In fact, we have customers saving $20 on a SINGLE call from their inmate!


Simply order your plan and our team of industry experts will provide you with a unique, cost-saving phone number. When the inmate dials this Camelcomm number, it will ring in your current home or cell phone ‐ just like your regular phone calls. Instead of being charged an outrageously expensive calling rate, you’ll pay the lowest rate possible and save a lot of money!

1- After you get your Camelcomm number, please make sure to give it to your loved one: during a visit, on the phone, in a letter or email. Remember, all new phone numbers must be added to the inmate’s approved calling list.

2- Call your loved one’s facility and ask how an inmate can make phone calls.

3- Depending on the facility, you may have to add money to the inmate’s commissary or open a prepaid account with the facility’s phone provider. If so, register our Camelcomm number with the phone provider and add funds to the account.




Our goal is to help you get in touch with your loved one at affordable price.

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